The Dyslexia Research Center USA publishes various texts with gaps here on “CLOZE-TEST.COM”.

CLOZE-TEST.COM – Another DRC USA website for learning.

What is a cloze test?

A cloze test is a way of testing comprehension by removing words or letters from a passage or sentence and then asking the reader/learner to supply the missing elements. For this reason, it is also sometimes referred to as a gap-fill exercise.

With close tests you can pursue different learning goals:

  • Close tests generally promotes and improves reading and text comprehension.
  • Especially with close tests you have to read carefully and recognize which word, which ending or which letter is missing.
  • Grammar and spelling are practiced in a playful way with Cloze test.
  • Cloze-test.com also improves your vocabulary.
  • The software approach chosen here gives immediate feedback.

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